Will Horizon 5 Go Free On Xbox Game Pass At Launch Or Will It Go Out Later?

Force Horizon 5 is in the right line of arrival on PC and Xbox family consoles, but when will it be released on Xbox Game Pass? Will it be available from the day of launch or will it be published later in the catalogue? Let’s get this straight.

Like all Xbox exclusive Xboxes of the Xbox Game Studios family, Forza Horizon 5 will also be available from launch at no extra cost on Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate exactly as happened with Microsoft Flight Simulator, Psy

This means that if you are a member of the Xbox Game Pass you can play Force Horizon 5 from November 9, the day of release of the game, without any kind of delay and obviously without extra costs in addition to the normal subscription price.

Forza Horizon 5 is already available on preload and we recommend you start pre-downloading the game considering the important download dimensions: 103 GB on PC, 116 GB on Xbox One and Xbox One X and 103

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