Will Gta 6 Be Released In 2023 Or 2024? Take-Two’s Financial Forecasts Seem To Suggest

Take-Two Interactive’s top management announced that they expected a 14% increase in receipts in 2024, an obviously important increase that some analysts believe could be partly linked to the release of GTA 4.

Of course, few IPs can guarantee such growth and exclude the fruits of Take-Two’s acquisition of Zynga, Jefferies analysts expect at least one Rockstar Games IP to be launched in fiscal year 202 Ideally GTA 6 could go out at the beginning of 2024 but there are no certainties about it.

Cowen’s Doug Creutz points out that the 14% increase in revenue corresponds to about nine billion dollars, which could well correspond to the debut of GTA 6 in the fiscal year indicated. Already in the past, Take-Two revealed the launch window of the GTA series by publishing its financial targets for the following tax years, for example in 2011 the company had revealed to expect a significant growth in 2013, year that saw the release of the new company.

According to some insider GTA 6 will be the only new Rockstar game for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, the company could publish only one game unreleased during this generation, clearly net of re-editions (such as GTA V) and

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