Will Gears 6 Be Released In 2024 Or 2025? Before The Coalition Launches A New Ip

Last summer, a new IP was mentioned in the studies of The Coalition and this entry is now confirmed by Jez Corden of Windows Central during the last episode of the XNC podcast.

According to reporter Gears 6 is coming in 2024 or 2025, The Coalition is working on the project but first a new IP launch ramp for 2023 will be released. Corden says that this title will be “a smaller game” made with the Unreal Engine 5 so that the team can experiment and get familiar with the new Epic Games engine, which will then be used for Gears.

Clearly there are no certainty about this and we do not know anything concrete about the forthcoming projects of The Coalition but considering Corden’s reliability there are good chances that what he declared corresponds to reality, obviously with indicative dates and ready to undergo sudden variations.

It is unclear whether the next Gears will be a reboot of the series or whether the study will continue the saga with a new numbered game, it seems to be too early to know more since as said the launch would be expected not before three or four years.

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