Will Elden Ring Have The Multiplayer Or Will She Be Single Player Only?

The next highly anticipated Soulslike from From Software is getting closer and closer: Elden Ring will be available from 25 February 2022 on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

Thanks to the November 2021 network tests and developer statements, it is officially confirmed that Elden Ring will also have some multiplayer modes, which work in a similar way to what seen in the Dark Souls series and Bloodborne.

The first option for the online multiplayer is to summon, a cooperative mode through which you can summon one or more allies within your game to receive, for example, temporary help to defeat enemies and bosses who Similarly, you can be summoned by a friend or an unknown player, thus entering his game.

The second multiplayer mode is Invasion: a friend of yours or an unknown player can invade your game to try to kill you, so that you can get resources that you can take away with you once the match is over. Here again there is the possibility of invading the worlds of others, so as to put your hands on new, precious spoils.

Elden Ring is a Soulslike, but unlike other similar titles of From Software, the objects needed to activate the various multiplayer modes will not be stored within the normal inventory, but will be inserted in the Waiting for the game we recommend you to recover our special video about Godfrey’s character in Elden Ring, created and written in collaboration with George R. R. Martin.

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