Will Dying Light 2 Support Co-Op Cross-Gen And Cross-Play? This Is Techland.

Before you can watch the gameplay from the Xbox One version of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, players waiting for the post-apocalyptic adventure learn some useful information.

During a live streaming organized on Twitch, Techland’s team entertained fans with a rich Q&A session. During the Q&A session, developers spent a few words on the theme of post-launch support to the game. In addition to having just confirmed the intention to produce expansions of Dying Light 2: Stay Human for five years, the software house has thus clarified what will be some of the features coming in later.

When the game is launched, for example, Dying Light 2 will not support Cross-Play, so it is impossible to share the experience on hardware from different manufacturers. Unfortunately, at Day One there will be no room for Cross-Gen cooperative game options either. This means that it will be impossible to share the adventure for PS4 and PS5 users or Xbox One and Xbox Series X Plus. Ultimately, two friends can explore the Techland game together at launch only if they are active on the same platform.

All this could change in the months following the debut of Dying Light 2: Stay Human. In fact, Techland has confirmed that it wants to try to implement the Cross-Gen game through post-launch support. At the moment, no Cross-Platform functionality seems to be expected.

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