Wild: Playstation Exclusive Game Seems To Be Still In Development

Remember Wild? Michel Ancel and Wild Sheep Studio’s game was announced exclusively for PlayStation 4 during the 2014 Gamescom, where it was described as an ambitious open world survival game in which players can take control of any creature.

Since then, a lot of water has passed under the bridge: the game has gradually disappeared from circulation, making the most of being erased, while Ancel has abandoned the video game world. Last summer, the journalist and insider Jeff Grubb said he was sure of Wild’s cancellation, in stark contrast to the French youtuber and journalist Gautoz, who instead talks about a project still alive.

What’s the truth? Unfortunately, in the absence of official information we do not know for sure, but some recent evidence points towards the side of Gautoz. As Twitter user Faizan Shaikh has pointed out, several developers claim on their Linkedin profiles that they are still working on Wild on behalf of Wild Sheep Studio. Among those mentioned are a Senior Technical Artist, a Cinematic Tool Programmer and a Gameplay Programmer.

In December 2021 Wild would therefore be still developing. Who knows if he’s still being treated like an exclusive PlayStation that was transferred to PS5? Can we wait to find out more about this?

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