Wii, The Revolution In Nintendo: The Story Of A Video Game Triumph!

Under the guidance of the late Satoru Iwata, the gaming giant of Kyoto put into action a real revolution, bringing its Nintendo Wii to the international market.

With the seventh generation of consoles, Nintendo decided to radically move away from the brute power principle pursued by Sony and Microsoft, in order to try to invent a new user. With the codename of “Revolution,” Nintendo Wii proved to be the final product of this articulated reflection. With a very modest hardware sector, the heir of Nintendo GameCube focused on the versatility of the experience of use proposed by the new controller.

Using motion sensors, the iconic Nintendo Wii controller was a real Trojan horse, able to bring the console even to the homes of those who had never considered themselves great fans of video games. Experiences like Wii Sports represented for many users the first contact with the gaming universe, with Nintendo Wii who quickly managed to achieve record commercial goals.

To retrace the history of this extraordinary Nintendo hardware, the Editorial Staff has packed a rich video retrospective. As always, you will find the movie in the opening to this news, as well as at your disposal on the YouTube Channel of Everyeye: enjoy!

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