Why Doesn’t Xbox Have Platinum Trophy Like Playstation? Microsoft’s Answer

The achievement system was first introduced into the gaming world by Microsoft with Xbox 360, yet the US giant never thought – unlike Sony with the PlayStation consoles – of adding a trophy to the game.

Jason Ronald, Director of Project Management, at the Xbox Division, has given us the reason for this decision. On the occasion of the new Iron Lords Podcast episode, Ronald explained that a Platinum trophy would contradict Microsoft’s willingness to reward any player fairly on its platforms.

“There are some users who simply prefer to play multiplayer” – his statements. “What do we do to reward them and show them their progress and things like that? There are other people who like to play tons of different games… And then there are other people like me who are complete and I literally want to do everything within a game.” Words that therefore do not seem to leave room for a future implementation of the hypothetical “achievement of Platinum,” at least not in the near future. Would you like Microsoft to take the cue from the feature used by Sony instead?

In any case, some kind of change is not to be excluded, since Microsoft considers the Goals one of its prories for Xbox Series X Plus, along with FPS Boost and Game DVR. Meanwhile, on the occasion of the first twenty years of Xbox, Microsoft organized a meeting with its pioneers led by Reggie Fils-Aime.

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