When Wonder Woman Comes Out, Will It Be On Ps5, Pc And Xbox Series X/S?

As a lightning bolt to the sky, Wonder Woman was announced at the Game Awards 2021: the famous heroine of the DC universe will be the absolute protagonist of its own video game, presented with a short teaser trai

The announcement has undoubtedly sent fans into ecstasy, although for the time being the information on the project, developed by Monolith (known for having life in the series The Middle Earth), is rather limited. When does Wonder Woman leave? Unfortunately, there is no precise answer to the question, since no release date was revealed during the TGA 2021, not even a potential launch window by the manufacturer Warner Bros. Games.

Mystery also for platforms that will host the adventure with the protagonist Diana Prince: it is highly likely that the project will be next-gen, with an output on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and PC, But it is also a hypothesis until the authors give more details in this regard.

We have some certainty about the content and gameplay: Wonder Woman will be an open world game and among its mechanics will also offer the return of the Nemesis System already seen in action in The Shadow of Mordor and The Shadow With these premises, the curiosity about the new title focused on Wonder Woman, waiting to discover more in the near future.

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