When Does The Next Nintendo Console Come Out? In 20Xx, The Word Of Furukawa

During the last meeting with shareholders, Nintendo Shuntaro Furukawa’s President took advantage of this to take stock of the situation regarding the future of the company, confirming that there will obviously be a new console after Nintendo Switch.

When will Nintendo Switch’s successor come out? It is difficult to say and in a slide of presentation commented by Furukawa himself only a data placeholder “20xx” is highlighted, an indication that obviously does not give us any concrete clues about it.

The President of Nintendo of Japan reiterates that the synergy between hardware and software is fundamental for the company, currently there is nothing to announce regarding the future (or future?) consoles but clearly we continue to work and experiment to provide new solutions to

Note that in the slide with the timeline published by Nintendo we talk about Nintendo DS and Wii (come out in 2004 and 2006 respectively) and then jump to 2017 with Switch and the “20xx” for the next hardware without doing any

According to a recent rumor, many developers already have a dev kit for Nintendo Switch 2 and the new hardware would support 4K. Exit scheduled for 2022 or 2023, but Nintendo denied emphasising that there are no plans for new Switch consoles after OLED Switch.

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