When Does The New Fifa 22 Prime Twitch Package Come Out For Free?

The free Twitch Prime packages for FIFA 22 has become a pleasant initiative that has been going on for a few months now with great success. Every thirty days all subscribers to the premium service of Twitch or Amazon Prime can download an extra package for the EA Sports football game for free. But when does FIFA 22’s new pack come out?

The third package was released just before Christmas while the Twitch Prime 4 package for FIFA 22 was released on 24 January 2022. Unfortunately, the content has not been made known yet while you are still in time to download the FIFA 22 Free 3 Twitch Prime Package:

7 Rare Gold Players

2 Choice of OVR 82 Player

12 Rare

1 Loan Player Messi (12 games)

Further packages are also planned for February, March, April, May, June, July, August and September, waiting to see if the agreement will be renewed for FIFA 23, coming out next autumn. Then appointment on January 24 to discover the content of FIFA 22’s Twitch Prime 4 package, a very useful booster pack for those who play FUT regularly and can thus get extra bonuses with their Twitch Prime subscription without

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