When Does Star Wars Eclipse Of Quantic Dream Come Out?

One of the most popular and discussed announcements of The Game Awards 2021 was Star Wars Eclipse, the new title of Quantic Dream that will tell a new story set in the era of the High Republic, about two centuries before

The work will have a very marked narrative component, with players who, as tradition in the projects of the French studio, will have to make numerous crucial choices that will radically change the evolution of the story. But when does Star Wars Eclipse come out? Quantic Dream did not specify a launch window, adding that the game is still in its early stages of development. According to the well-known insider Tom Henderson, however, Star Wars Eclipse will not be released until 2024, it will take at least 3 or 4 years before it is on the market.

For Henderson the team would be encountering some difficulties in development as the Quantic Dream Engine is not designed to be exploited for creating open world games, as Eclipse will be. The company would also be looking for at least 60 new employees to work on the project. It remains in the field of hypothesis until Quantic Dream or Lucasfilm Games provide more details, but it seems very likely that you will have to wait long before you see this new adventure in the universe of Star Wars.

Meanwhile, the first rumors of the corridor have already begun to spread: Star Wars Eclipse will be inspired by The Last of Us, according to an insider.

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