When Does Splinter Cell Remake Come Out?

As a surprise, Ubisoft announced Splinter Cell’s remake, Sam Fisher will return with a Snowdrop Engine remake from Ubisoft Massive, the same engine that will be used for Star Wars and

How much is Splinter Cell Remake coming out? Unfortunately, we do not have a time window or reference year at the moment and the date of release is completely wrapped in mystery. Ubisoft confirmed that it gave the green light to the project currently under development in Ubisoft Toronto’s studies but the launch time was not communicated. We know that Splinter Cell Remake will not be Open World, the game will keep the Stealth structure that made the original famous, the team of Ubisoft Toronto will work to preserve the spirit of Splinter Cell without overwhelming

In all likelihood to see the remake of Splinter Cell in action we should wait a long time, the exit in 2022 is definitely excluded since the project seems to be in a preliminary state. Luca Ward celebrated Splinter Cell Remake’s announcement on his social media channels and there are those who hope that the famous actor and voice player will be involved again and again to give the voice to Sam Fisher’s character, again in this case

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