When Does Marvel’s Wolverine Leave For Playstation 5?

During the PlayStation Showcase last September 2021, Insomniac Games raised the curtain on Marvel’s Wolverine, Action/Adventure starring the iconic X-Series superhero. A surprise announcement that impressed all the fans of Marvel and the famous character.

But when does Marvel’s Wolverine come out? Currently Insomniac has not clearly specified when it will be possible to put your hands on the new adventure of Wolverine, however the wait will probably be very long: the developers have confirmed that Marvel’s Wolverine is in the early stages of development. This could make it practically impossible to get out of it as early as 2022, without forgetting that the Californian firm in strength at Sony is also struggling with the creation of the expected Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which has a launch window set for 2023.

It is therefore not to be excluded that Logan’s debut on PS5 can be expected after the next Spider-Man adventure, which is why you might have to wait until 2024. However, these are simple assumptions at least until developers provide more details in the future. The certainty is that Insomniac is already working actively on the project, since the study is hiring for the development of the game by providing also the first details on the combat system of Marvel’s Wolverine. It will take patience, but sooner or later fans will see Wolverine unleash his fury even on PS5.

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