When Alan Wake 2 Is Released, Will It Be Exclusive Or Will It Be Released On Ps5, Xbox Series X/S And Pc?

On the stage of the Game Awards 2021, the unthinkable happened: Alan Wake 2 became a reality at 11 years of age since the debut of the original chapter on Xbox 360. After endless rumors, hopes and illusions, Remedy Entertainment finally raised the curtain on the new episode long dreamed by all fans of the series.

But when does Alan Wake 2 go out? The ceremony organized by Geoff Keighley has also allowed us to discover a first answer to the question: the new adventures of the same name are currently planned for a generic 2023 and will see the light only on next-gen, therefore on PS5, Xbox Series Unlike the predecessor, the game will be a real survival horror, the first developed by the appreciated Finnish studio.

However, it will be expected for quite a long time, since the exit is still very far away and it is still too early to talk about a precise date of exit. But already the confirmation of its existence has been enough to send in ecstasy the fans of the predecessor, recently released among other things in remastered edition on all the main platforms in commerce. Remedy also confirms that Alan Wake 2 will be accessible even for those who did not play the first game.

However, given that it is at least 2 years away from its release on the market, playing Alan Wake Remastered could be a good way to fool the wait.

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