What’s The Name Of Gta San Andreas?

Starting from 11 November 2021, GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition will allow us to relive GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas in an updated graphics form but keeping the gameplay and atmosphere intact that made ico

San Andreas is particularly remembered for his map, mastodontic to the standards of the time: an entire state with three cities to explore for what turned out to be an unprecedented adventure within the franchise. It is therefore no coincidence that San Andreas will be the heaviest game of GTA Trilogy on PS5. Do you remember who was his lead player? It’s Carl Johnson, “CJ” for friends. At the beginning of the story, after living for 5 years in Liberty City, in 1992 he returned to Los Santos on the occasion of his mother’s death.

Once he returned to his neighborhood, Groove Street, he found a situation completely different from what he remembered: the gang he was part of, Groove Street Families, is now the shadow of what was in the golden age, and the leader, The city is almost totally under the control of the rival gang, the Ballas, but with the return to CJ’s home, his group can regroup in an attempt to return to the ancient splendors. Carl’s adventure revolves around his family and the struggle to regain control of the city, but events will take unpredictable folds leading him to wander around the entire state of San Andreas making dangerous enemies, but also powerful allies.

In addition to having a personality capable of piercing the screen, in gameplay you can personalize the protagonist thoroughly until you change his appearance dramatically: attending gymnasiums regularly can put on muscle mass worthy of a bodybuil This setting was a complete novelty in the franchise and allowed players to really shape the “own” CJ as they please.

You want to know how long GTA San Andreas lasts? If you have never played it prepare, it will keep you company for a very long time.

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