What Was The First Video Game To Have Music In The Background?

Before the musical accompaniments that helped to make the history of our beloved medium (in this regard, here are the best compositions of Nobuo Uematsu), the sound in video games was limited to sporadic noises programmed by integrated circuits. Let’s find out what the first title was to have a continuous sound background.

To do this, it is necessary to introduce the figure of Tomohiro Nishikado, who in 1975 developed Western Gun, or one of the first arcade (about cabs, here is the last trailer of Arcade Paradise) containing a The same author should also be recognized the merit of having created Space Invaders, a game to say the least seminal and first in absolute with a constant and dynamic sound background. To get to a true melody, instead, it took two more years and the debut of Rally-X made by Namco.

Yet none of these should be considered as the forerunner of musical backgrounds. This qualification would be for the unfortunate Cannonball, a title of The sound department was at least partially marked by its fate, which during the tests disturbed the owners of the games halls and led Atari to cut off the entire production.

Since then, music and sound effects have made a huge road in the video game scene, becoming an indispensable element of any production: a soundtrack that is right, in fact, does not only make the atmosphere more immersive, but like the game It is no coincidence that audio remains one of the elements to which fans and professionals pay more attention.

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