What Was The First Pokemon Ever Created?

In the early 1990s, Game Freak had just moved from being a magazine to becoming software house, the Pokémon were called Capsule Monsters and were nothing but a dream of Satoshi Tajiri. What happened later, under the wing of the great N, is the story of the Video game. But what was the first pocket monster to take shape in absolute?

It is intuitive from the first sketches of Tajiri and confirmed by interviews with Ken Sughimori, the historian designer of the series, the first Pokémon to be invented was the double type Earth/Rock Rhydon To further support this thesis, its ID number, which appears as 001 in first generation video games. Followed by Lapras and Clefairy, both born in turn in the early stages of design, the specimen inspired by a rhinoceros was therefore the first of many.

Unlike what might be thought, neither Ash’s companion nor the three starters were initially conceived, but they were born only after Game Freak felt the need for friendly monsters. To satisfy this demand in large part Atsuko Nishida thought about it, about which we have already talked about questioning the origins of Pikachu.

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