What Kind Of Video Game Is Minecraft?

Since the first official Minecraft release in 2011, ten years have passed, but over time the success of the title has grown so much that it reaches the incredible amount of 200 million copies sold for all versions of Minecraft, thus becoming a

Much of this extraordinary success is due to the popularity that the game has gained among the audience of young and very young, but to define Minecraft a simple product for children would be decidedly reductive. The work of the students of Mojang’s studio, which earned Microsoft’s acquisition for over two billion dollars and the entry into the Xbox Game Studios stable, responds to the description of a sandbox title with survival mechanics

During a game in Minecraft, which takes place within the classic cube worlds generated by procedurally, players can dedicate themselves to a virtually endless number of activities, from resource collection to creation of objects and structures, from the exploration of duges The work never directs the player towards a specific goal and makes everything available immediately (provided that he has the experience necessary to know the deepest game mechanics), basing much of the progression on his crafting system.

Thanks to this sandbox nature that permeates all its dynamics, Minecraft allows users to unleash their creativity on a scale more unique than rare within the modern gaming market. A possibility that is constantly witnessed by the extraordinary creations of some of the most creative users of the game (including a functioning simulation of Tetris in Minecraft), also thanks to some particularly ingenious mechanics that allow to create and simulate real electronic circuits all

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