What Kind Of Game Is Doom: Is It In First Or Third Person?

Among the countless video games and franchises that have shaped the videogames and the evolution of its many genres, Doom undoubtedly deserves a mention of honor.

Born in 1993 on PC thanks to the creative talent of ID Software (study that now gravits within the Zenimax galaxy and Xbox Game Studios), the decades-long history of Doom is The brand has returned to its height in recent years thanks to the reboot of Doom and its successor Doom Eternal. But to what kind of videogaming does the Doom series belong exactly?

Doom series video games are part of the FPS category, an acronym for First Person Shooter, or first-person shooter. The player falls into the role of a tenacious warrior armed to the teeth with countless types of different firearms, making himself wide among the hordes of demons who will try to hinder his mission, all lived through the eyes of the protagonist.

Formally, therefore, the Doom series belongs to the same videogaming genre as other high-profile sagas like Halo, Call of Duty and Battlefield (in this regard, here is our review of Battlefield 2042), compared to which Doom also embodies a purely hardcore soul in gameplay mechanics, a key element of the success of the first chapters that was then replicated with the most recent episodes.

In case you are interested in discovering the saga for the first time, we strongly recommend you to recover the two recent reboot, available at very low prices on PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Our review of Doom Eternal will allow you to get a more concrete idea of the goodness of production.

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