What Is The Latest Game Ever Released For Playstation Vita?

In July 2021 Sony stopped supporting PlayStation Vita, which means that since last summer it is no longer possible for developers to publish new games since the publishing program has been permanently closed by the Japanese giant.

What’s the last game that came out for PlayStation Vita? Talking about “last game” is wrong since Sony’s portable console saw the launch of six new independent games published exclusively on the PlayStation Store on 20 July last:

Ultra Mission

Russian Subway Dogs

Brotherhood United

Killer Dolls United


Mind Maze

These are the latest games ever released on PlayStation Vita, since July as mentioned it is no longer possible for developers to approve new titles for Life and market them through the PlayStation Store, therefore there are no other games officially published for PSVita

Sony will be turning off Soul Sacrifice and Freedom Wars servers from December 24, two of Japan’s most popular and most sold PlayStation Vita exclusives. Exited in 2011 in Japan and the following year in Europe and the United States, PS Vita has never been successful, hoping for a few years in Asia but struggling a lot from the commercial point of view in the West, both in terms of hardware sales and for

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