What Happened To Ubisoft’s Beyond Good & Evil 2?

Following the cult work released on 128-bit consoles in 2003, Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been a difficult mystery for many years. Shown for the first time with a teaser trailer even in 2008, since then the title Ubisoft has been facing various transformations and a strongly troubled development.

So what happened to Beyond Good & Evil 2? Despite an appreciated official trailer shown during 2017, which definitely confirmed its prequel nature, the second chapter focused on the adventures of Jade and Pey’j have lost track: still today it is not clear at what point is the Many rumors circulated over the years have spoken of a development in chaos, and even the most recent rumors have been very discordant.

At first it was assumed that Beyond Good & Evil 2 was deleted, or very close to being deleted, at least according to the words of the well-known insider Tom Henderson. But shortly after Henderson himself seems to back down, revealing on the contrary that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be released by 2025 and that therefore the project has not been shelved.

Whether they are positive or negative, however, it is still merely a question of no official confirmation. So to date, it is very much a question of not only imagining how Beyond Good & Evil 2 is progressing, but also when (and if) it will see the light on the market.

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