What Happened To Final Fantasy 16 For Ps5, We’ll See Him At The Game Awards In December?

What happened to Final Fantasy 16? The new game of the famous Square Enix series seems to have disappeared from the spotlight after a presentation in summer 2020. When will we see FF16 again and what news is there about the game?

In fact, we have no particular clues from this point of view, the hope is that Final Fantasy 16 may be one of the games present at The Game Awards on December 10 but no insider has declared anything about it and therefore there are no certainties about it

In recent months Square Enix has shown Forspoken (formerly Project Atia) leaving behind Final Fantasy XVI, but many are waiting for news about the game. Naoki Yoshida said that the story of Final Fantasy 16 is complete and the team is working hard, last summer we talked about a rather advanced development but Yoshida himself lets know that he will not show the public a game in

Final Fantasy 16 is only going to be released on PS5? According to various sources, the game will be released on PlayStation 5 and PC, but Square Enix has not yet clarified any exclusive relationship with Sony.

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