What Happened To Capcom’s Deep Down? Disappeared After The Announcement Of 2013

Remember Deep Down? It’s been almost nine years since Capcom first showed it to the public, on the occasion of the PlayStation 4 world revelation. Since then, however, his tracks have been completely lost. What happened to Deep Down and, above all, it’s still developing?

It is very difficult to answer these questions, given the absolute silence of Capcom, which in 2020 renewed the Deep Down brand again. However, no news has been made following the renewal of rights by the Japanese company. Even Shawn Layden doesn’t know what the end of Deep Down is: a precise question emerged during an interview with Jason Schreier of Bloomberg, the former president of SIE Worldwide Studios has just said:

Deep Down, as mentioned, was first shown on February 20, 2013 at the PlayStation Meeting to present PS4 and its first games in development. The trailer impressed the players thanks to a technical section of the Panta Rhei, new graphic engine of Capcom that was supposed to replace the old MT Framework. Not even on purpose, the Panta Rhei has disappeared into thin air, with Osaka’s house continuing not only to use the MT Framework, but also to create the acclaimed RE Engine.

The title was also the protagonist of the Tokyo Game Show 2013, where the then producer Yoshinori Ono confirmed that it would be a free-to-play title focused on the multiplayer. An early exit period had also been set for 2014, obviously skipped. In that year it is also in part of 2015 new trailers and updates come however that ensure that the development is proceeding regularly and that, indeed, the project has become even bigger than the initial plans.

But from 2015 onwards, Deep Down disappears into thin air, with the official website no longer updated and no more any more statements or new images outside of repeated brand renewals by Capcom. In 2019, Ono confirms that the game was not abandoned despite the very long absence. However, with the company’s farewell to the company in 2020, the future of Deep Down appears even darker and uncertain.

It should be noted that Capcom has never officially confirmed the deletion of Deep Down, which could still exist in some form. But if on the one hand there is a faint hope that the game can finally see the light, it is not to be excluded that sooner or later the definitive announcement of a stop to the works can really arrive.

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