What Does Playstation Mean? The Source Of The Sony Console Name

The PlayStation brand is one of the greatest symbols in the gaming world since its debut in 1994. Its popularity is so well known to those who are not passionate about video games, with a commercial success that does not mention slowing down with the debut of the latest PlayStation 5.

Despite the great fame achieved (with PS5 at a 10 million units sold during its first year of marketing), few know the meaning and origin of the brand name created by Sony. From a literal point of view, the name PlayStation can be translated directly into our language with something similar to a game station, a term that perfectly encloses the essence of the various consoles produced by the Japanese electronics giant.

In addition to this literal and rather simplistic translation, we can also rely on the official definition on the dictionary of the Italian language since 1996. The following meaning is associated with the term PlayStation: “electronic device that allows the projection and the performance of video games on television screen.” This description is also consistent with the way we traditionally associate with a console like the PlayStation as enthusiasts.

Staying on the subject, according to Jason Schreier Sony could launch the PlayStation Spartacus subscription in 2022: it would be a sort of merger between PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now and would include the possibility to choose

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