What Does Halo Mean? The Meaning Of The Name Of The Master Chief Saga

Halo Infinite is the last chapter of one of the most important video game sagas of all time, able to change the industry with a title, the original Combat Evolved, which set new standards for FPS. Master Chief’s story is now ready to land on next Jan, but what exactly does Halo mean?

The genesis of the original title is to be traced back to the beginnings of the saga when Paul Russel, an art designer, proposed the name of Halo in reference to the shape that the planet originally called Solipsis had taken, that is, that of Literally the term ‘Halo’ has more possibilities of interpretation, but all of them are always referring to the same type of figure: a halo, a circle of light, a ring.

In the universe created by Bungie, Halo refers to special orbital stations created by the Precursors during the war against the Floods, which forced the first to carry out these immense works to prevent them from being overwhelmed by enemies.

About the last chapter of the saga starring Master Chief, here are all the objectives of Halo Infinite. If you are already struggling with the online component of the game, let’s see how to perform a series of killings in the multiplayer of Halo Infinite.

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