What Does Bloodborne Mean? Meaning Of The Name Of The Game Fromsoftware

Released in 2015, Bloodborne (here is the review by Bloodborne) soon became a cult among fans, considered by many one of the most important works of Hidetaka Miyazaki. The adventure is set for a large part in Yharnam, a city haunted by a disease that afflicts the blood of the inhabitants: but what does the title really mean?

In a literal sense, that is, by taking the word directly from an English dictionary, ‘Bloodborne’ defines a blood transmission, carrying a virus or disease. The term that gives the name to the game brings this meaning through various representations, but that obviously pose themselves on the common theme of blood. Yharnam’s citizens are in fact victims of a blood addiction, more intoxicating and powerful than any alcohol or drug mixture, and that at the beginning of the experience is a major threat to the main hunter, forced to move between crazy individuals and often completely

That blood is fundamental in the history of the city, you can grasp it even more explicitly after defeating the Vicar Amelia and touching the deformed skull of Lawrence. The dialogue we hear is very clear, and recalls the motto of Master Willem, mentor of the future founder of the Church of the Care: “We were born of blood. Made men out of blood. Blasted by blood. Our eyes are still closed. You fear ancient blood.” If our protagonist’s stay in the Victorian city begins with a struggle to survive against monstrous creatures, soon some revelations will put evidence of a different nature before the hunter, and blood will acquire colored with a cosmic character Speaking of the game FromSoftware, here is the Bloodborne PS1 demake trailer.

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