What Could Be The Next Hideo Kojima Video Games?

In the last few hours, thanks to an interview published by Famitsu, has arrived official confirmation that Kojima Productions is currently working on two new video games: one has been defined by Hideo Kojima himself as a “big title,” the

Let us then try to understand what we might expect in the coming years from Kojima’s creative master. Before leaving you to read, we remind you that all the hypotheses contained within the article are the result of speculation, rumor and voices of corridor.

The big title quoted by the designer could be a Death Stranding 2: a direct sequel to Sam Porter Bridges’ adventure could be certainly appreciated by most of the community, however some reports emerged some time after the release of Death Stranding On the matter it seems that the two parties are in negotiation, and Death Stranding 2 will also be done according to Norman Reedus.

Another popular voice in recent months would like Hideo Kojima to work on an exclusive title for Xbox based on cloud infrastructure: if these rumors were to find feedback in the coming months (maybe during E3 2022?), it would be interesting to see that

The last big speculation would see a new Silent Hill developed by Hideo Kojima. For a long time, rumors have been chasing the creation of a new chapter in Konami’s horror series, and many people believe that the time would be ripe for a new collaboration between the Japanese designer and his former company. The return of Silent Hill by Kojima remains a hope of the many brand enthusiasts, but given the state of relations with Konami the chances that the project will take place in the near future are reduced to a light.

Finally, it is possible that the company is currently working on two titles completely different from what is assumed in the previous paragraphs, perhaps without the support of Sony and Microsoft. Whatever the truth, however, Kojima Productions has opened an internal division dedicated to TV and music, a sign of Kojima’s always manifested will to expand to other mediums as well as that of the video game.

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