What Changes Between PokéMon Diamond And Pearl And PokéMon Platinum?

He made a lot of talk about the fact that Pokémon Diamond Shining and Splendid Pearl will have no content of Platinum, the definitive version of the two original games of the fourth generation, Diamond and Pearl, released on Nintendo D

Several fans have twisted their noses precisely because the Platinum version offered several new features and additional contents, as well as various changes in the aesthetic nature of the game world and the interiors of some structures (such as some gyms or rooms where the Superquat Do you remember what are the main differences between Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and Pokémon Platinum? This last edition first expanded the history, introducing the unpublished area of the Distorted World where it was possible to meet Giratina, the Legendary Pokémon and Mascot of the game. Dialca that Palkia, the Legendary symbol respectively of Diamond and Pearl, appear on the top of the Vetta Lancia.

The order of some piano heads changes, as well as the animations of some moves such as Foglialama and Fendispace. A new Fight Park is introduced, which takes the place of the Fighting Garden seen in Diamond and Pearl, as well as a new basic instrument, the Registradati, useful precisely to record battles in the Fighting Park or in Wi-Fi; speaking of The challenge in the Superfours’ fight also increases, with Pokémon teams far more powerful after completing the event at Mount Ostile.

Finally, among the most important innovations, in Platinum it was possible to find 59 more Pokémon, for a total of 210 monsters related to the Sinnoh region. These are however only some of the most important changes recorded in this final edition: also considering the repositioning of different objects and opponents, a rebalanced gameplay and the presence of many more locations to explore, Pokémon Platino was in fact almost another It is not surprising, therefore, that many fans are discontented by the absence of all these additional features in the new remakes.

Remember that the first patch of Pokémon Diamond Shiny and Pearl Shining will introduce new videos and features, which is why it is definitely worth downloading it right before starting the game.

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