What Are You, Pokemon?

Over the last few hours, a bizarre practice is spreading on social media that concerns some of the old chapters of Pokémon for Nintendo 3DS. It seems that Italian players are getting creatures in Pokémon Sun and Moon with the help of the Green Pass.

For those who do not know, in fact, both Pokémon Sun and Moon and its sequels, that is Pokémon Ultrasole and Ultraluna, implement a particular function that allows you to frame with the camera of the portable console And it is precisely through this function that more and more Italian players are recovering the old exclusive for 3DS with the aim of discovering which pocket creature can be generated with their own green certificate and, as we have tested, everything works perfectly.

In case you want to try, however, we invite you to be very careful and not to spread your QR code in case you are able to generate rare Pokémon, as someone might appropriate it. In short, test using only and exclusively your Green Pass without sharing any information on social media and putting your personal data at risk.

Did you know that Pokémon Global Link has been closed for almost two years?

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