What Are The Worst Games Of 2021? Efootball 2022 And Balan Wonderworld In Top 10

Not only masterpieces and great games: every year he also sees the release of different productions to be forgotten, bad on the playful front and poorly cared for in the technical field. 2021 is no exception and has offered a large array of mediocre (or worse) games across all the platforms available on the market.

Through the Metacritic portal we discover what the 10 worst titles of 2021 were: many of these are titles largely unknown, but there are still more famous names that bear the signature of prominent authors who have not been able to repeat the splendour of their Here is the ranking, with both evaluation and reference platform:

eFootball 2022 – PC – 25 Super Seducer 3: The Final Seduction – PC – 33 Outbreak Endless Nightmare – PS5 – 34 Balan Wonderworld – Switch – 36 Doctor Who

A first position that is not surprising, given the difficult launch of the Konami football title and the general discontent of criticism and public due not only to the various technical problems, but also to the general poverty of content that persists a few months after the debut on the market. Konami has apologized several times for the launch of eFootball 2022, but the way to recover and perfect the product still seems very long and winding. Meanwhile, if you want to satisfy other curiosities, here are the best PS5 and PS4 games from 2021 and what are the best video games released in 2021.

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