What Are The Best Games Of The First Xbox? From Halo 2 To Fable, The Ranking

Today is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Xbox: it was in fact 15 November 2001 when the first console of the home Microsoft made its debut on the American market, starting a long story that continues successfully today between Xbox Series X/S and

But it is good to remember the origins, and especially the greatest games that have graced the now iconic 128-bit system. Here are the 10 best games of the first Xbox, the most representative, famous and loved still today. Some of these were released on PC at the time, but for those who played exclusively on consoles the Xbox was the only way to fix these great classics. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Microsoft console, we published a special dedicated to the history of the first Xbox.

Dead or Alive 3

At the time, the Picchiaduro dominated the PlayStation 2 scene, but the Xbox also had a great exponent of its own. Dead or Alive 3 has elevated all the features seen in the two previous chapters, further perfecting its intriguing gameplay and offering a depth in combat with few rivals on the square. A title that is not to be missed for lovers of the genre.


Not all RPG fans were impressed by this, in light of Peter Molyneux’s enormous promises during development, which portrayed Fable as a revolutionary title. Despite all this, the first chapter of the series created by the late Lionhead Studios has become in its own way a symbolic title on Xbox: players were in fact impressed by the magical world of play and the wide choice that was possible during the adventure Despite everything, Fable has cut its small space into the history of Microsoft’s console. Now all you have to do is wait for the revival of the series: the new Fable is in development at Playground Games

Motorsport Force

While Gran Turismo dominated the driving simulator panorama on PS2, Microsoft prepared its convincing response thanks to the efforts of Turn 10, which in 2005 started the Force Motorsport series. The first episode of the series shocked the fans not only for a superlative technical section, but also for an excellent quality of the driving system, making it a valid and appreciated alternative to the historic Sony series. Over the years the brand will become stronger and stronger, becoming a certainty of the Xbox brand, as demonstrated by the huge success of Forza Horizon 5.

Half-Life 2

♪ Wake up, Mr. Freeman ♪ With these words players were welcomed into the world of Half-Life 2. Of course, Italian dubbing was certainly not the most well-kept, to use euphemism, however it was all the rest of the production that left speechless. Half-Life 2 has elevated the genre of First-Person Shooters with an environmental interactivity at the time out of parameter and a depth of the gameplay that had very few rivals on the square. A work of worship that has further consolidated the already great name of Valve.

Halo 2

The original L.X.box on immediately able to make talk about itself thanks to the title that accompanied its launch on the market: the first, legendary Halo. But a few years later, in 2004, Bungie was able to overcome the already remarkable results achieved with the founder, offering fans a superlative Halo 2 curated in every aspect, from the adrenaline campaign to the addictive online multiplayer. The online game was able to make a difference by raising the quality and importance of Master Chief’s second adventure further, making the world realize how the online functions would become central in the future of gaming. The series will continue with Halo Infinite, released on December 8, 2021.

Jade Empire

Roleplay, martial arts and Chinese mythology: a compelling mixture that gave birth to Jade Empire, a highly appreciated BioWare production that captured the attention of players thanks to engaging atmospheres and a various gameplay It may have appeared a bit simple in terms of difficulty, but this did not prevent him from becoming a cult. For years fans have invoked a follow-up, which unfortunately has never been realized.

Ninja Gaiden

Born on NES, where it distinguished itself through a spectacular and very challenging trilogy, the series of Ninja Gaiden reborn on the first Xbox through an action of back The Ninja Team has signed a genuine jewel of its kind, further improved with the subsequent Black version that has expanded the offer of the game with additional content.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

BioWare again, still an iconic work. Knights of the Old Republic perfectly replicates the style, atmosphere and epicity of Star Wars and does so by telling a story set at the time of the Old Republic that amazes fans with an evolution of the All this without forgetting a well-kept and deep combat system that places the title at the top of the Action/RPG of its era. The remake of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is being developed but confirmed only on PS5 and PC.

The Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay

Still today, you consider one of the best licensed games of all time. Escape from Butcher Bay allows us to further explore the story and background of Riddick, a film character played by Vin Diesel also in this video-gaming transposition, while trying to escape from the huge prison of But The game cleverly mixes stealth elements with frantic fights, offering a well-structured map and a dark and engaging atmosphere. A production of all respect that makes a good look in a collection of Xbox games.

The Elder Scrolls III Morrowind

Considered one of Bethesda’s greatest masterpieces, Morrowind is the first episode of the series to land on consoles. Although not at the same quality level as the PC counterpart, the third chapter of The Elder Scrolls is one of the most massive games available on the Microsoft console, both in terms of content and variety in exploration and combat system. An immense, seemingly infinite work, which leaves the player the freedom to decide how best to approach the world of play to live an unforgettable experience.

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