Weird West: The New Dishonored Co-Creator’s Gdr Comes To Launch On Game Pass

In the media setting of The Game Awards 2021, WolfEye studio by Raphael Colantonio not only reiterates the launch in January of Weird West but confirms the arrival on Xbox Game Pass of this unusual GDR that merges

The new intellectual property signed by the newly-born independent software house of Colantonio will project us into a dark fantasy dimension that will review the history of the Wild West, with the men of law, pioneers and settlers forced to share the Front

The task of the users will be to wear the shoes of an adventurer and to undertake together with him a long journey full of puzzles to discover, characters to meet and, of course, creatures to be demolished. Each hero is unique and adapts to the actions undertaken, with high-risk missions to complete in a world that reacts to the choices of players.

Not too unlike what Dishonored enthusiasts have experienced, therefore, even in the new GDR hybridized to WolfEye’s twin-stick shooters the story will change according to the actions made by users, thus providing a substratum to the user.

However, please note that Weird West will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One from January 11, 2022, as well as on Game Pass. If you want to know more about this work, we refer you to our special on Weird West, the new immersive sim by Raphael Colantonio.

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