Weird West: Dishonored Co-Creator Sends Back His Lovecraftian Gdr

After confirming in video the future arrival on Game Pass of Weird West, Wolfeye studies dedicate, in common agreement with the publisher Dovern Digital, to postpone the release of the new Lovecraftian GDR conceived by

Originally scheduled for launch on 11 January 2022, the commercialization of the next immersive sim of the former director of the Arkane studies will be sled by several weeks. In confirming the delay, Colantonio publishes a video to address the enthusiasts directly and explain to them that “on the one hand we realize that already now our game is really fantastic, but on the other side we realize that the project is not

The former exponent of the development team of Dishonored also emphasizes how “the game is currently in a private beta, the testers tell us that they are having a world but we prefer to wait a while and take the time required to smooth some On the other hand, we are committed to offering you the best experience and behind us we have a long history in developing immersive experiences sim, so we know how important it is to give time to give you the game in its best form.”

Depending on the decisions made by Colantonio, Wolfeye team and Doverle Digital, the official Weird West debut on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Game Pass catalog (so much on,

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