We Explain The History Of League Of Legends To Help You Understand Arcane

Have you seen Arcane and want to know more about the League of Legends world? We tell you the basics of LOL’s mythology to help you understand better the universe in which the exceptional animated series of Netflix is set.

Thanks to its incredible quality, Arcane has managed to bring a large group of spectators who had never had anything to do with MOBA and the other games in the series to the world of League of Legends. The way it is structured makes it appealing to anyone, proving enjoyable even to newcomers. However, it is very likely that after seeing it you will have an incredible curiosity to learn more about the colorful universe of LOL, which Riot Games has sketched over many years of continuous support.

Here we come into play: in our latest Special Video, we tell you the basics of the League of Legends lore to help you understand Arcane better. What planet is Runeterra? What are the continents that make up the “magic land”? Are there other places of interest besides Piltoper and Zaun? Is Arcane set before or after the League of Legends battles? Watch the video and you will get the answer to these and many other questions. You can further explore the subject by reading our special on the history of League of Legends and Arcane.

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