Was The Final Fantasy X-2 Called Otherwise? Square Enix Didn’t Like The Name

Final Fantasy X-2 was a historic title in its own way: the work released on PlayStation 2 in 2003 in Japan was in fact the first direct follow-up to a main chapter of the Square Enix series, which carried on the history of Yuna after the

For a short time, however, it seemed certain that the name of the game would be quite different, at least according to what Yoshinori Kitase, producer of Final Fantasy X-2, told on the pages of the PlayStation Blog. According to Kitase, in fact, the name chosen by his team did not like the top of Square Enix, who believed that the players would confuse him with Final Fantasy XII, at the time already officially in development and that he would then make his debut

“It may seem strange, but one of the biggest challenges we faced with the development of Final Fantasy X-2 was what we called it. Realizing the continuation of a main chapter was a novelty, and when we suggested ‘X-2’ the company initially feared that it would be confused with Final Fantasy XII and therefore rejected it,” Kitase says, confirming however that “after that moment, Among other anecdotes, the producer explains that Final Fantasy X-2 was born because the team did not want the history of Spira and his characters to end with a single game, and that they deliberately opted for a plot

In recent times, among other things, there have been rumors about the development of Final Fantasy X-3, although for now it has never been confirmed by square Enix. The attention is all turned towards the sixteenth main chapter: the development of Final Fantasy 16 is almost six months late, however the Japanese giant has confirmed that in spring 2022 important updates will come on the progress of the works.

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