Warframe The New War: Cgi Video Unveils The Date Of The Largest Expansion Ever

With the announced trailer in the cinematic Warframe The New War, Digital Extremes unveils the launch date of what the Canadian software house itself calls the “largest expansion ever.”

Presented during TennoCon held in July, La Nuova Guerra represents the culmination of the efforts made by Digital Extremes over the last three years, hence the interest aroused by fans by this CGI trailer and previous statements

In The New War, Warframe fans will watch the Sentient activities to conquer the Origin System after the collapse of the Orokin Empire: as tradition for Warframe narrative expansions, the

Players will be able to attend and participate in the large-scale invasion of the Sentients, interpreting three characters, namely the Grineer Kahl-175, the Corpus Veso and Teshin. The graphics video from Digital Extremes sets the start of the game phase dedicated to La Nuova Guerra on December 15, both on PC and on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch consoles.

Tenno who want to play the Quest The New War will have to complete the following narrative lines:


The Second Dream

The Inner War

Harrow Chains

Prologue of Apostasy

The Sacrifice

Prologue Chimera


The Creator

High Tide

Heart of Deimos

The high-level challenges of The New War will also require the possession of a Railjack and a Necramech: at the bottom of the news you will find the link to the official website of Warframe where you can scroll through all activities and challenges from

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