Warcraft: The Jaina Magician Ready To Witch In This Cosplay

Warcraft is a growing universe. Blizzard, who launched this fantasy world full of characters and iconic stories in the 1990s, is now expanding the plots in several ways, among books and especially the expansions of the World of Warcraft recordMMORPG. Some characters have abandoned the series, others are always in the foreground.

Among the latter one of the most important characters of all time is Jaina Proudmoore, adapted in Italian for a few years in Jaina Marefiero. His first appearance dates back to the Warcraft 3 human campaign where he accompanied Arthas until the beginning of the fall into the madness of the Lordaeron prince. Jaina is a magician who, however, also makes an important contribution during the events of the Battle for Azeroth expansion, where she experienced a radical change of style and attitude.

This version was exploited by Katie: Jaina Marefiero’s cosplay by Warcraft here present sees the magician with white hair except for a single tuft left of the now gone blond, while her clothes

Chains of the Dominion marks the new phase of Shadowlands, which brought back into the spotlight some of the characters of World of Warcraft who had been considered disappeared for various reasons. Here is a cosplay of Alexstrasza, the look of the dragon that has done so much to bring life to Azeroth.

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