Warcraft: A Cosplay Of The Lovely Alexstrasza, The Appearance Of The Dragon Ready To Inflame

Among strategic video games, MMMORPG, without forgetting books, comics and much more, the Warcraft universe is very extensive. Not only is there the world of Azeroth in this creation of Blizzard dating back almost 30 years ago, but an infinite number of planets and astral planes to explore, in the company of historical characters.

And there are also many of them, having been many who shaped the fate of the Warcraft world. Humans, orcs, elves, but also magical and powerful creatures like dragons, among the first creatures that the titans gave life to. Among the various draconic aspects of Warcraft is Alexstrasza, a red dragon that in human form assumes the appearance of an elf with long red hair.

Alexstrasza has been crucial on many occasions, also helping heroes in World of Warcraft against Deathwing. Its impact and charisma were such that it was also worth an appearance in Heroes of the Storm, MOBA with all the most famous heroes of Blizzard’s house. Now Master Tomei, Belarusian cosplayer, has decided to dedicate his work to this very seed deity, preparing a cosplay of magical and enchanting Alexstrasza. Using some post-photo effects, it really seems that the appearance of the dragon is giving birth to new life, while behind it appears its draconic version.

And always from the much loved world of Blizzard don’t miss the cosplay of Tyrande, the priestess appeared in Warcraft 3.

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