Waiting For The Matrix Resurrection: What Is The Best Matrix Video Game?

Born in 1999 with the release of the first film, Matrix’s franchise expanded to reach other media such as comics, animation and – of course – video games. Waiting for The Matrix Resurrections, which will bring Neo back to Italian theatres on January 1, 2022, let’s remember what was the best tie-in game based on the epic of the Chosen.

Leaving the different browsers shared games on the official Matrix website, as well as the memorable mod theme of the first Max Payne, the title that was able to make the most of the license in question was The Matrix Path of Neo. Developed by Shiny Entertainment and published by Atari in 2005, the game was able to translate the saga into videogames, drawing with full hands both from the trilogy and from the short films in The Animatrix.

The fun gameplay, the narrative supervised by the Wachowski sisters and the use of cutscene filmed from the movies, did the rest, despite some problems related to the control of the camera. In the same year the MMO (that’s what the term MMO means) The Matrix Online was published by Monolith Productions, but the low number of subscriptions and active players led to an early closure of servers.

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