Waiting For Dying Light 2: What Does The Title Of Techland Game Mean?

Dying Light is the zombie-themed videogaming series created by Techland, already author of Dead Island. The first game put us in the shoes of Kyle Crane, with the aim of recovering a special cure for the epidemic that haunted the city of Harran. The title of the game could be enigmatic for some: what does Dying Light mean?

Although the name of the work apparently does not have explicit references to the zombie reality in which we are, unlike Dead Island, in truth Dying Light coincides with some elements of adventure, both in terms of gameplay and narrative One of the symbolic phrases with which the game was presented was “good night and good luck,” a wish that, as benevolent as it may seem, actually reminded the dangers of the night.

In the world of Dying Light, in fact, the night hours attract the most dangerous and changed creatures from the infection, the Nights, who during the day reside in the darkness in ruined buildings or in the underground of the city. But the title could also cover the condition in which Kyle Crane and Aiden Caldwell are respectively found, forced to fight the disease present in their own bodies and therefore to prevent the ‘light’ from finally turning off.

If you are eager to play the new Techland game, then know that Dying Light 2 is finally complete. While to deepen your knowledge of the game, don’t miss everything you need to know about Dying Light 2.

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