Vodafone Ireland Launches Totally Unlimited Mobile Data

There is no fair usage policy restrictions in place for new and existing customers.

Ireland’s largest mobile operator has announced a range of packages for both businesses and consumers, which include unlimited data usage in Ireland and across Europe. Most customers will be able to move to an equivalent, eligible unlimited 5G ready plan at no additional cost.

For the fifth year in a row, Vodafone was named Ireland’s best network for making and receiving mobile calls, video streaming, web browsing and file transfers. Speech quality and call reliability were both rated number one.

There are a number of options for consumers to choose from. All of them include unlimited data in the Republic of Ireland and Europe.

unlimited data, unlimited calls, and 500 minutes are included in the RED unlimited Max plans. There is unlimited data on the fastest speeds.

Red unlimited plans offer customers unlimited data, unlimited calls, and an additional 100 minutes worldwide. The fastest speed available on the plan is 10Mbps.

The unlimited lite plan gives customers unlimited data, unlimited calls, and 100 minutes to any other network. The data speed can be 10Mbps.

The youth prepay plan with unlimited data, unlimited texts, and 100 national minutes is called the “Voda X”. The data speed can be 10Mbps.

Businesses and employees are using mobile technology to manage activity and ensure business continuity while restrictions are in place. The enhancement of the smart working toolkit is meant to help companies manage their teams and customers remotely. If you need additional support for your business, please call a Red business expert.

Existing and new business customers can choose from three different plans.

Red Business unlimited max gives you unlimited data, unlimited international calls, and a full smart working toolkit, which includes a virtual office number, access to Microsoft Office online tools, and a robust security offering. In the US and Canada, there is free roaming.

The benefit of unlimited data, unlimited calls in Europe, as well as 500 international calls for customers, is included in the RED Business unlimited plan.

The Republic of Ireland is home to RED Business unlimited lite. Customers get 100 international calls and a virtual office number. There is a max data unlimited data sim europe speed.

  • Round the World RED roaming is available for business customers on all plans.

Anne O’Leary, CEO of Vodafone Ireland, said: “We understand that now more than ever, our customers are reliant on mobile technologies to stay connected with friends, family and loved ones.” We are delighted to launch our truly unlimited offers on Ireland’s best network, allowing customers the choice to use their data without the burden of fair usage policies.

People use their phone in different ways. Our unlimited packages are designed to reflect the different needs of our customers and give people the chance to scale up or down their service in line with their needs. By taking this approach, and by also building in additional services such as mobile security and smart working tools for business, we can realise the flexibility and freedom this can bring to Irish citizens and businesses.

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