Virginia Shoplifting – What Evidence Do the Police Need to Arrest You?

What evidence does the police need to arrest you for shoplifting?

If you are accused of committing a crime in Virginia, the police need to prove a couple of things in order to arrest you. They need to prove that a crime was committed in their presence and then they can arrest you.

The police will be called to the store if the loss prevention officer fashion clothes suspects a crime. If the loss prevention officer can testify that they saw you shoplift, then the officer will write you a summons. You will be released and allowed to go.

The officer can choose to write a summons or go to the court and ask for a warrant. If you get a warrant for your arrest, it could make things more complicated for you and make it more likely that you will be sent to jail that day. A lot of officers will simply write out a summons for a call for help. The summons tells you to appear in court on a specific day. It saves them trouble and it saves you trouble as well.

What do they have to prove to get away with it? The Commonwealth will try to prove that they did not hide. If you alter the price tag in any way, or if you conceal an item in the store, you could be charged with a crime in Virginia. Someone will put an item in their pocket, purse, or backpack, or hide it under a cart. That is a textbook case of concealing something in a store.

If you are charged with stealing in Virginia, you should call me today for a free case strategy session so we can look at the facts of your case and see if the Commonwealth has the evidence to prove the case.

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