Video Games, Nfts And Cryptocurrencies: Peak And Drop In 2022, Analysts Speak

The ratio of video games, NFT and cryptocurrencies has become a particularly widespread trend over the last months of 2021. An investment sector that is attracting the interest of many: just think of the recent growth on the stock exchange generated by the words of the President of Square Enix.

However, not all observers agree to assess the sustainability of the phenomenon. In particular, from the international columns of Games Industry, several analysts shared uncertain forecasts for the long-term affirmation of the new trend. Piers Harding-Rolls, of the Ampere Analysis group, for example, expects that the combination between video games, NFT and cryptocurrencies will reach its peak in mid 2022, and then undergo a significant slowdown.

There are many reasons for this reflection. The analyst, in particular, points out that the actual and long-term value of NFTs in gaming remains particularly volatile, due to the poor interoperability of the system, which is currently very closed. With a growing number of Play-to-Earn video games coming on the market in 2022, it is also inevitable that some of them will not be able to break through, with the phenomenon that as a whole should start slowing down in the second half of the year.

Piers Harding-Rolls also emphasizes a little cited but very important issue: regulation of the NFT market and cryptocurrencies. The debate on the subject is strong both at international level and in individual states. Political discussions, for example, have reached considerable peaks in South Korea, while – recalls analyst Stephanie Llamas, of the VoxPop group – the cryptocurrencies market is becoming the subject of very strong restrictions in areas of importance

Finally, Harding-Rolls concludes, it is not to be underestimated the reaction of “traditional” video gamers, which could discourage the adoption of such practices by some giants of the video game industry. For example, we have recently been able to see a strong criticism of the Ubisoft Quartz programme. This trend, if unchanged, could push large software houses to choose to limit NFT dynamics to just free to play productions or only to the mobile market.

In closing, we remember that on Everyeye’s pages find a rich special on the game on Blockchain, in which our Francesco Fossetti explains with clarity and simplicity every aspect of this new trend.

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