Video Games In 2021: Nintendo, Fortnite And Cyberpunk First For Media Visibility

The photograph taken by with 2021 videogaming in numbers offers interesting ideas for reflection on the evolution of industry and, in particular, on the media visibility obtained by the giants of the sector and their titles most followed by the public.

Looking at the data obtained by ICO based on the total number of news, articles, reviews and journalistic analyses published on major sites, magazines and industry portals, emerges the incredible interest that continues to arouse in Fortnite enthusiasts.

If for the free battle royale of Epic Games the reasons for interest of fans is highlighted in the in-depth pieces written by journalists of the sector with news, guides and tutorials to complete the challenges of seasonal events, the second position conquered by Cyberpunk 20

Fortnite Cyberpunk 2077 Resident Evil Village Halo Infinite Minecraft Battlefield 2042 League of Legends Monster Hunter Genshin Impact PUBG

Even more interesting, if we want, is the ranking compiled by on videogaming companies with the widest media visibility during the year that is about to end. With its 363,540 articles, Nintendo is firmly at the top of this ranking according to the gap matured with the other giants in the sector such as Microsoft (250,334 articles) and Sony (179,818 articles).

Nintendo Microsoft Sony Epic Games Ubisoft Bethesda SEGA Electronic Arts Konami Riot Games

And you, what do you think of this double ranking on the media visibility of video games and giants in the sector during 2021? Let us know with a comment.

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