Video Games And Nft: Photos Of Youtuber Stolen And Sold As Token, Mounts Protest

With the explosion of the phenomenon of video games with NFT and cryptocurrencies, also the illicit activities carried out by those who, lucrating the curiosity of fans, are taking photos of the most established video game personalities for

Among the victims of the scammers are many well-known faces of the digital entertainment industry, youtuber, influencer and content creators with millions of followers. On OpenSea, one of the world’s largest NFT trading platforms, numerous non-fumable token auctions are appearing, created illegally with avatars, photos and animations stolen from social profiles of different personalities in the industry.

The list of social celebrities involved in these activities grows day by day, as well as the number of protests that are online by the same interested personalities and their communities of fans.

The most striking cases are those that are affecting James Stephanie Sterling, Caddiarus and Alanah Pearce, with the latter being the subject of a vile operation that sees her camping on a fake cover of a Sony Santa Monica’s writer, discovered the unqualified activities carried out by those who are doing commodity of her social photos, said she was ready to resort to legal ways to give battle to these scammers.

The gravity of the situation has prompted the spokesmen of OpenSea to intervene at the microphones of to explain that they have activated so that all NFTs using plagiarized content are promptly removed from the decentralised exchange platform of non- OpenSea representatives also say they are committed to taking any action (including legal) to defend their community from illegal activities carried out by those who sell NFT scams.

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