Video Game Too Much? Give Yourself A Hand Massage!

After proposing the unmissable gaming mattress and the bizarre gaming suit to the video playroom, the Japanese company Bauhotte returns to the charge with a new product designed for video players.

This time, the Easter company brought the new MSG-01H-BK Hand Massager, a small electronic massager, to the market of the Levant Sun. As easily intuitable from the name, the product is addressed to the hands of gaming enthusiasts, constantly – says Bauhutte – under stress due to the intensive use of controllers or mouse and keyboard. To relax the hands of the public, the company has designed this small instrument, which by means of the action of particular air bearings offers relief to the joints of palms and fingers.

With small dimensions and a design that fits perfectly both right and left-handed, the MSG-01H-BK Hand Massager is described by Bauhuette as perfect for pre- and post- intense gaming sessions. Before a game, the masseur can offer a welding session, while during or after the game, the instrument contributes to the relaxation of the hands. The electronic masseur can be set up for a complete relaxation session, or be exploited from time to time for the sole fingers or palms only. On average, a massage session lasts about ten minutes, after which the MSG01H-BK Hand Massager automatically shuts off.

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