Vesper: The Italian Adventure At The Lowest Price Ever For Christmas

On the occasion of the Christmas holidays, the Italian boys of Cordens Interactive applied a substantial discount to their adventure, Vesper, bringing it to the lowest price ever.

As we write to you, Vesper can be purchased at 3.79 euros on and at only 3.24 euros on Steam. On both stores, the promotional price will be valid until January 5th, so you have plenty of time to evaluate the purchase.

Made by the Cordens Interactive boys and published by Deck13 Spotlight, Vesper is an interesting puzzle platformer that tells the story of a small android called Seven. Thousands of years after the activation of the Vesper protocol, the small protagonist is forced to escape the dangers that lie hidden in a science fiction-style world inspired by the works of sacred monsters such as Isaac Asimov, Ro On the gameplay front, Vesper is affected by the influence of the 90s platformers and has numerous game sequences where you have to solve environmental puzzles or hide from enemies using the Drive Gun, a weapon that can absorb light and Read our review of Vesper to learn more.

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