Valve Is Optimizing Half-Life, Dota 2 And Counter Strike For Steam Deck spoke with Valve’s team at work on Steam Deck and received a welcome confirmation: apparently there would be many employees of Valve working to update the company’s games in view of the launch of the new platform.

In particular, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike Global Offensive and Half-Life games will receive a series of updates and improvements designed specifically to improve the Steam Deck experience.

In particular, Greg Coomer, designer of Valve, says that “the DOTA 2 team is introducing significant and innovative improvements, at least with regard to the DOTA context. There is a great job behind to make sure the game is playable with analog sticks, it is still in experimental stage but in fact you can already play with a gamepad.”

Counter-Strike Global Offensive will also receive updates related to controllers and there would be “many optimizations in progress” also for Half-Life and Portal, with Portal and Portal 2 already successfully tested on Steam Deck. “The entire Valve catalogue will receive special attention, we want to make sure everything works best on Steam Deck.”

Recently it has been confirmed that Steam Deck will not have exclusive games in fact the platform will be compatible with all the PC games in the Steam catalog without exclusive or limits whatsoever.

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