Vagante, New Video: The Dark Fantasy Platformer Arrives On Switch, Playstation And Xbox

After illustrating the improvements of Kerbal Space Program on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, the publishers of Blitworks celebrate the imminent launch of the porting console of Vagante with a video showing the hero in action

Already available on PC (Steam) since February 2018, Vagante is a roguelike set in a two-dimensional fantasy kingdom full of demonic creatures, monsters and criminals. In the role of the most valiant knights of the kingdom, users must travel to search for fame, wealth and power, while knowing the dangers that await them once they have abandoned their castle to go to the wild lands.

Each scenario is generated in a procedural way and can be visited both by yourself and by cooperative, both in the network and in the local thanks to the shared screen mode that will cross all the missions of the main campaign. Among the caves, haunted cemeteries, intricate forests and cursed villages, the gaming experience offered by Vigilante is characterized by the presence of numerous secrets to be discovered, a plethora of magical objects to be ripped from

The launch of the Vigilante console versions is scheduled for January 27 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. At the bottom and top of the news you can see the latest videos and images shared by Nuke Nine in anticipation of the landing on Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store and Nintendo eShop.

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